23 Liter - Veg-B - Veg Nutrient - NPK 1.25-2.7-5.8 - VEGB23L

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Heavy 16 is for every grower that wants the best results and confidence in knowing they are using a high quality hand-made nutrient that is manufactured in house by Artisans who take pride in what they do. Heavy 16s unique quality, packaging, and versatility will give you the results and convenience that you have always wanted from your nutrient program, no matter what size operation you run or experience level you are currently at. PROFESSIONAL GRADE. ARTISAN QUALITYKey parts to Heavy 16 include: Veg formula contains higher Calcium and Nitrogen rates in multiple forms to ensure a cascading delivery using multiple forms of chelated micronutrient derivatives to ensure availability mixed in precision micro-batches by artisans and designed for big growers equal 2-part Dutch style nutrient (compatible with automated nutrient dosers) Bud formula has a higher Phosphorus/Potassium content and a reduced need for mineral bloom stimulants 1⁄2 strength

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