General Hydroponics 2.5 Gallon FloraDuo B Liquid Mineral Nutrient 9.46L GH1684

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General Hydroponics 2.5 gallon FloraDuo B Liquid Mineral Nutrient ContainerRevolutionary new fertilizer productMix a large range of different nutrient blends for different kinds of plantsAlso usable for different phases of growth from seedling through harvestTailored to meet specific plant needsUse for all plants and gardening methods (hydroponics, potted, coco blends, garden soils)Parts:Nitrogen (N): 1Phosphorus (P): 5Potassium (K): 4Shipping Weight: 27.0 lbs.Package Dimensions: 8.9L x 6.7W x 14.1HProduct Condition: NewPart number: GH1684Authorized dealer

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