House & Garden Nitrogen Boost 1.6-0 - 0 House and Garden Nitrogen Boost 5 Liter (4/Cs)

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House & Garden Nitrogen Boost is converted quickly and easily by the roots into amino acids, which are the building blocks for proteins and important for the cell division of the entire plant. Nitrogen Boost stimulates the growth, contributes to leaf formation and aids with root growth. This product is super strength and has the highest Nitrogen content on the market. Nitrogen Boost works very fast, is economical in use and free from bulking agents. Nitrogen Boost is ideal for users wanting a rapid or extended vegetation period. It can be used to both turbo charge the speed of vegetation or be used to keep plants healthy throughout an extended growing period. Nitrogen (N) is the most important mineral for plant growth! Nitrogen is a key part of proteins, such as enzymes, nucleotides (which make up NDA and RNA) and chlorophyll, which is required for photosynthesis. Nitrogen Boost is a perfect solution for farmers with longer vegetative growth periods and is suitable for all types of hydroponics and soil systems.

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