Humboldt County's Own Crystal Burst 5 Gal

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BLOOM BOOSTER CONCENTRATEOne of the most concentrated liquid PK bloom boosters on the market:Increases the size and mass of flowers.Initiates and stimulates profuse flower development.Stimulates resinous oils and fragrance production in many culinary and medicinal herbs.With so many bloom boosters on the market, choosing one can be a challenge. Here's the skinny:All bloom boosters are made from Potassium Phosphate.When comparing different boosters, all that really matters are the PK numbers (0-15-15). The higher the numbers the more product is in the bottle. Crystal Burst is as concentrated as it can be made without it crystallizing when it gets cold.If a product isn't at least (0-10-10) then it's not a boost. You're buying water.WHY WASTE MONEY? CRYSTAL BURST IS 50 Percent STRONGER THAN THE MOST POPULAR BOOST BUT COSTS ALMOST THE SAME!Works well with all nutrient brands. Apply when you first see signs of flower development around the second week of bloom. Continue till a week or so before harvest.Soil and Hydro: Use 1 teaspoon (5 ml.) per gallon of water.A lot of growers flush the last week or so to rinse out excess fertilizer.Although growers usually flush with water, Snow Storm, Purple Maxx and Killer Tea are designed to be used all the way to harvest because they give an extra kick to the end-stage bloom processes such as resin and fragrance development and swelling.Don't waste money on flushing agents.Use Sonic Bloom OR Crystal Burst, not both.

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