HydroLogic Evolution RO High-Flow Reverse Osmosis System, 1200GPD

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Our best-selling High-Flow system just got better! Improved Dry Membrane design now with 20% increase in flow rate. Up to 1,200+ GPD!

Includes two RO membranes (HL22045), one ChloraShield material filter (HL22019), and all required fittings.

  • Capable of producing more than 1,200 GPD (gallons per day) or 50 gallons per hour of pure water, perfect for medium to large hydroponic operations
  • Remove up to 96% of all Parts Per Million from your tap water
  • Includes ChloraShield䋢 carbon filter for 100% chloramine removal

The Pre-Evolution is recommended if more than 150 gallons per week is produced.

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