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Purpinator facilitates the production of anthocyanin compounds and other flavonoids, which improve the expression of phenotypic characteristics such as purple coloration in capable cultivars. This improves the final bag appeal of finished product and sets your plants out from the rest.

Terpenes and other secondary metabolites are directly responsible for the aromatic and flavor profiles of your plants. Purpinator enhances your plants natural terpene profile for improved concentration of terpenes and terpenoids, resulting in improved aroma and flavor in finished product. 

The entourage effect and the general effect of terpenes on human behavior has long been studied. With increased capacity and numbers, trichome sites will produce more secondary metabolites and terpenes for a more potent finished product. These valuable compounds are stored within the walls of the trichome and gland sites and make for a more potent finished product. 

Flavonoids are 15 carbon compounds that are found in vascular plants. Anthocyanins are a type of plant color pigment that belong to this larger group of flavonoids. Typically, the blue and red pigments of plants are anthocyanins. These pigments are water soluble and are found in a plants cell's vacuoles and to a lesser extent in chloroplasts. Carotenoids are fat soluble and found in plastids. Generally, the color of an anthocyanin pigment is linked to the cell sap pH located in the vacuole. For example, the anthocyanin pigment cyanidin is blue in a high pH solution, violet in neutral solution, and red in acid condition. 

Purpinator affects the plant cells that contain these pigments pH so it is more neutral, facilitating expression of more purple colors in the epidermis of leaves, stems, and flowers. 

Another group of flavonoids are called flavonals and flavones - these can also be found in

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