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Enzymes are essential to all life on the planet. They assist in digestion of food in our bodies. In plants, enzymes assist and help plants perform natural functions faster.

A primary enzymatic function is to convert dead root mass into minerals and sugars usable by plants and beneficial microbes. This conversion is critical to healthy root zone. Alternatively, dead root mass turns putrid, eventually leading to a toxic environment.

Clean, healthy root tips are also essential for efficient uptake of nutrients, as well as root respiration. Enzymes assist in the absorption of nutrients, so the plants don't have to work as hard to metabolize them. This lowers nutrient requirement.

Prime Zyme significantly reduces the chances of toxic conditions in your soil.

Vegamatrix Prime Zyme Enzymatic Complex is designed for use with any substrate or growing medium.

Prime Zyme Enzymatic Complex is compatible with all nutrients.


Apply Vegamatrix Prime Zyme to every watering at a rate of 5-15 ml/g

Veganic: Contains no animal derived ingredients.


Store in a dark cool place.

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